THE GIFT CARICATURE. A studio quality illustration for special occasions such as Job Promotion, leaving the company, Retirement, Landmark Birthday, the Family Tree, and more.


Quarterbacks T Bradshaw, J Montana & T Aikman commissioned art for sports show signing. Watercolor. 16"X20" Feb 2014.


   Gift Caricature. The groom presented me with this idea featuring his fiancee, balancing beer bottles while his groomsmen,  playing poker, look on. Ink & Airbrush. 20" X24"





Gift caricature commissioned by CBOE.




  Farewell gift caricature for coworker transfering out of state. 14" X 18" Ink & Watercolor                                 

Commissioned caricature ilustration for the director of the Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation. A General Patton theme was requested. Selected staff members are also depicted in the background. The purpose for the goose was not known.                          Ink & Watercolor. 22"X28"                                               

Artwork for Custom made Greeting Card. 11" x 14" Watercolor   


Presentation poster illustration for "Driven". Proposal for new TV show idea.